Péter György
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Arthur C. Danto's comment on Péter György's book
(Az eltörölt hely, a Múzeum, Magvető, Budapest, 2003.)

"When I first read Péter György's riff on the New York Museum of Natural History, I was as enthralled by its originality as I was convinced of its truth. It put the entire practice of display into a fresh perspective, and with the institution in question, it revealed a deep split in the way in which specialists think of human culture - as a set of discrete forms of life or as stages in a narrative of human progress. Suddenly the façade of objectivity conveyed by the display windows fell away, and one saw the museum as a site of discord and uncertainty. His text raised through vivid illustration the largest questions of how our knowledge of ourselves can be organized. I was particularly engaged by his use of web-sites where, for most writers on most subjects, the natural citations are to books. I have ever since felt that György is on the outermost edge of contemporary thought addressed to contemporary thought, and that he is a figure of international importance."